The Tips To Choose The Baby Bedding Sets

Since the babies are very little, they could spend much time in bed, so the mothers could prepare a comfortable bedding items, which could create the good sleep condition. Now we will tell you some tips to choose baby bedding items.

First the choice of the bed
Since the safety of the bed, how comfortable the bed is could influence the health of the baby, generally speaking, the height of the baby bed could be about 60cm, at the same time, the room between the two sides could not be over 6cm, we had better have one side of the fence which is movable, then the mother could pick up the baby or it could connect with the big bed. Newborn babies can sleep in a baby crib, three months later, the baby’s bone development taking into account the circumstances, you should try to let the baby sleep small wooden bed, this will help the health of bones and spine.

Second the choice of mattress
If the bed is too slim or puffy, it could influence the health of the baby, we have to select the appropriate hardness, based on the best players feeling the baby’s weight and flexible, supporting force good quality mattress. Such as natural coconut palm plus natural latex mattresses, elastic supporting force is moderate, ventilation, insect, mite and mildew. The thickness of the mattress is generally more appropriate in 5-10 cm, the maximum thickness could not more than 13 cm.

Third the choice of the pillow
If the height of pillow is too high or low, which will affect smooth breathing and neck blood circulation, at the same time it could affect the quality and the mental state of sleep during the day. In order to choose baby pillow, we can not be sloppy, it is different for us to choose the pillow. The pillowcase is best to use a soft white or light-colored cotton production, and the pillow texture should be soft, lightweight, breathable, moisture absorption, softness and hardness, we could select rushes, buckwheat and velvet material filling. In general, we also use the tea, mung bean skin, late silkworm sand, chrysanthemum and papaya to fill the pillow. Baby’s metabolism is fast, and head sweat more easily soaked pillow while sleeping, so the baby’s pillow should always wash and dry.

Fourth the choice of the quilt
Small quilt is important to warm the baby items which were cotton fabric, it should be chosen to provide the baby suck warm. the temperature control is not mature for newborn babies, we must pay particular attention to warm, it often touch bare skin, in order to determine whether to add or reduce the quilt should keep bedding clean, we often dry at least 2 times a week, we often wash it at least washable 2 to 4 times in a month. The bedding thickness variation should be different and disheartened by temperature in the room. In order to prevent the cold in the room, you can choose convenient and practical sleeping bag and both warm.

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