Decorative pillow – the tips of home health

Decorative pillow is home decoration eyes, beautiful eyes naturally make the entire space spirit reborn. Under the theme of decorative brown background, brightly colored pillow can effectively relieve pressure in the space, light and dark shades brighten contrast to the dull space to bring a hint comfortable.

Gorgeous sofa favorite
Monochrome Department couch pillow is the best stage show. Before the selection of pillow, first drawn up a consistent tone and sofa color and a contrast color to brown and aqua blue, for example, and then find some distinct patterns based on these two basic colors, more modern style pillow.

Different colors of the pillow
If the pillow was placed in pairs at the time of purchase can diverge color combinations, which can be selected in three phases on the couch, and the rest of the free combination placed on the single sofa.
Prioritize orderly
If you were stacked around the pillow, then try to pick the combination pillow lines and monochrome patterned, large monochromatic pillow in the small of the pattern pillow first.

Solid pillow simplify
Better living room with plenty of light and sunny, so there is no need to use overly complicated pattern pillow embellishment, and the colors are not too strong, emphasizing the contrast. Light solid suede pillow feel comfortable, not easy to play static, with soft colors pillow, in front of plain white shutters is undoubtedly the most good fit embellishment.

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