The tips of choosing bed in a bag

The tips of choosing bed in a bag

Nowadays there are several kinds of bed in a bag, they could be separated as cotton, silk and so on, and among the fabric of them, the cotton and polyester would be most popular, next we will have a brief description about the different shortcomings and advantages of the different fabric.

First the polyester cotton, they are thin and cool, at the same time, they would not absorb the water easily, if it is good polyester cotton, they are plain and pretty, the distance between the sews could not over ten to twelve, if it is bad polyester, we could not see the needles easily, and if it is good polyester, we could see the bright colors of them and the quality is good, it is very nice, we usually use them in spring and summer, at the same time, the price would also be cheap.

Second the cotton fabric, the characters of the cotton bed in a bag is very cool and fresh, they are very soft and pretty, the cotton of the fabric is very fresh, in our sight, if it is good quality, when we tear it, we could feel the pressure of them, and we also have to see the patterned, if we don’t have the colorful cotton fabric, we have to see the picture, if it is correct, and we also have to see that if the quality of the cotton item is good, and if it is plaid, this is really important.

Third the silk fabric, the touch feeling of the silk fabric is very nice, they are comfortable and bright, if you choose the silk fabric, it has pretty soft, at the same time, the bright of the silk fabric is very bright and elegant, if you burn it, you could smell the feather feeling, we had better not wash the silk fabric, and it is comfortable, if you wash it, it could be damaged easily.

The above is the tips of choosing bed in a bag, hope this could help you a little.

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