How to maintain the bedding sets?

When we enjoy the silence of night and sleep, we had better not forget the tiredness of the bedding sets. Just like the bed brings us comfort and health, that could serve us.

First we always clean the standard sham and bedding sheet, it is convenient for us to bring the dust and bacteria on the bed. Standard sham is special, since if it is cold, we do not wash hair always, since it is very dirty.

colorful bedding sets

Second in winter and cold, bedding sets is not always for us, we had better keep the bedding sets clean and neat, we could not pull the clothes on the bed. We had better go to bed after washing the clothes. If you have pets, do not let them in the bed.

Third change the direction of the bedding sheet and comforter, in general speaking, our posture is solid, that could let the bedding sets damage or fade the colors. Every three months, we could change the direction of the bed, which makes the bedding sets balanced.

Forth we could not let the wet condition damage the bedding sets, that causes the strong damage for the bedding sets. Since it is convenient for us to keep the bedding sets cool and comfortable. If you do not open the windows and breathe, that would not let the air breathe.

After cleaning the bedding sets, do not shine the bedding sets, we always know the thermal expansion’s theory, if we let the bedding sets under the sunshine, that would become puffy, if it is cotton bedding sets, that could fall off. If it is silk, that would be broken, just like other feather and down feather, it is easy to be damaged.

After cleaning the 100% cotton bedding sets, if you pull it down, that would be broken, after we wash it, do not always fold it, ensure natural totally.

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