Tips of cleaning and keeping the bed in a bag?

Cleaning and comfort would influence our sleep quality. Then how to clean and keep the bed in a bag? There is some knowledge about the bed in a bag, next we will show you the details.

If you want to have the good sleep, then you need the comfortable pillow, as to how to purchase the pillows, we always have the tips in the mind. How to clean and keep the pillows, we could change the standard sham and pillow cover. Then we could ignore the pillow inner. Pillow inner is comfortable and puffy, good gas permeability would be necessary. So we had better change the pillow inner. Since our sweat would be into the pillow inner, if it is for long time, the pillow inner would be yellow, at the same time, it would be hard. We could make the pillow inner, that could keep it cool and soft. In addition to, when we sleep, we could put the pillow cover on the standard sham, we had better absorb the cotton material.

bed in a bag

Tips of making the pillow inner cool, we could make the pillow inner cool, in winter and wet weather, sunshine is not plenty, we could cover the black cotton cloth,. That could help absorb the sunshine. In summer, we could not put the pillow inner under the sunshine, since some pillow inner would change the shade and gas taste, so we could not change the light and hour.

Change the pillow inner, in one hand, we could prepare the pillow inner, that is convenient for us to change the pillow inner, in the other hand, if the pillow inner is used for long time, that is yellow and black, then we don’t need to change the pillow inner, since there is disease, that could influence our health, so the time of pillow inner would be changed.

If the fiber is bad, when we wash the bedding sets, we could not use the detergent to wash the bed in a bag, that could be changed. As for the silk and cotton bedding, we had better not wash it clean, at the same time, we could not use the detergent to wash the fiber, if the material is bad, we could not shine under the sunshine.

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