How to choose decorative pillows?

As for modern people, function of pillow could not be used to sleep, it could be equipped with this function, that could relieve our pain, and that could disappearance our stress, that could bring comfort.

If you choose decorative pillows, that makes our neck hurt, our neck would be with normal bend, that would keep the spine bend, when we sleep, the pillows had better adopt the curve, at the same time, it would be adopt the physical curve, that makes our neck relax. In order to low the pillow, that makes our neck and head would harm and relax, we could choose the pillows according to your sleep position.

decorative pillow

How to choose pillows, we had better check the shape of the pillows.
Thickness of pillow is like this, if you prefer to sleep on your back, then the thickness of pillow would be equal to one and a half fists. If you really want to measure the thickness correctly, we could go to local store to get it.

Width of pillow could be important static when choosing pillows, length and with of pillow would be one point twenty five times larger than your shoulder.

Besides the above four tips, how to choose pillows, we also had better check the transmittance of pillows, the pillow could be equipped with hardness and breath performance. When we choose the pillows, we had better check soft and big enough pillow, if the pillow is too hard, our head would not feel comfortable, if it is too soft, we could not ensure the height, at the same time, shoulder and neck are easy to be tired, at the same time, our head would be trapped into the pillow and influence blood circulation.

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