How to choose decorative pillows proper for yourself ?

When you choose pillows, height, hardness and material of pillows.

Height of pillows could be touched with our sleeping and healthy, if the pillows are somewhat high, which could influence our health, our muscle would be damaged, otherwise there is spur for us.

When pillows are somewhat high, our breathe would not go smooth, it may be equipped with thirst, after it is awake, there is headache and swirl. If our pillow is not good, otherwise it is bad for neck, (here)it is easy to breathe, it would be equipped with puffy condition.

decorative pillows

Buckwheat husk would be the natural material of pillows.this pillow would be changed according to our action, it is convenient for us to sleep at once, but there is not with elasticity, when we turn around the head, noise would influence our sleep, not proper for people who is in sleeplessness.

Polyester material is convenient to clean, but the transmittance is not correct, elastic maintenance would be lowered, it is easy to be hard. If you choose good pillow inner, they are warm, puffy and durable.

Latex is with high elasticity, not easy to deformation and suffers the pressure, no dust to cause respiratory disease, proper for the people who is in allergic body. But it is expensive.

This pillow would be not easy to deformation, high air permeability, comfortable and puffy. We had better not wash it with hands, and change the inner every several months, change it in one or two years.

Down-filled pillow could cool it in a draft, beat it softly several times. Do not wash it with water, otherwise down feather would get together.

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